Welcome to the Fansites Webring

Welcome to the Fansites Webring, a webring for any and all fansites! Whether it's a fansite dedicated to a musician, an actor, a movie, a character, a video game... etcetera, all are welcome to join.

What is a webring? A webring is a collection of websites linked to each other in a ring. You can surf from one site on the webring to the next by clicking the links in the webring widget.


The rules to join the webring are as follows:

◦ Your website must be a fansite
◦ No hate content allowed
◦ Style the widget however you wish as long as the links remain intact

How to join?

You can send me a message on the Neocities profile of your wish to join, or send an email. In both cases, include your website's name and URL.

After you have been approved, add the following code on your website where you want the webring widget to appear:

<div id='fansites'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://fandango.neocities.org/webring/webring-variables.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://fandango.neocities.org/webring/webring-widget.js"></script>

And the widget looks like this (your website's css such as font style affect it):

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Name: Last Waltz
URL: https://lastwaltz.neocities.org/
Topic: Kizami x Morishige (ship from the horror game Corpse Party)
Name: Candypop Garden
URL: https://candypop-garden.neocities.org/
Topic: Pikmin (video game)
Name: Monkie Business
URL: https://monkiebusiness.neocities.org/
Topic: LEGO Monkie Kid (animated series)
Name: KHUX Shrine
URL: https://mint-thyme-city.neocities.org/khux-shrine/
Topic: Kingdom Hearts Union Cross (browser game)
Name: Höllenreiter
URL: https://hollenreiter.neocities.org/
Topic: Hans von Hammer (character from DC Comics' Enemy Ace)
Name: KHχ Shrine
URL: https://khx-shrine.ichi.city/
Topic: Kingdom Hearts χ (browser game)
Name: scrapes and bruises
URL: https://scrapes-and-bruises.neocities.org/
Topic: Multifandom
Name: TVXQ Fanpage
URL: https://tvxq-legacy.neocities.org/
Topic: TVXQ (kpop group)
Name: The Gorkhon Archives
URL: https://thegorkhonarchives.neocities.org/
Topic: Pathologic (video game)
Name: From Ashes Reborn
URL: https://fatuus.org/scaramouche/
Topic: Scaramouche (character from the video game Genshin Impact)
Name: Magi.moe
URL: https://magi.moe/
Topic: Magi (manga and anime series)