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Magi, Judar, Hakuryuu © Shinobu Ohtaka, Shogakukan
  1. You have to be a fan of Hakuryuu & Judar, of course.
  2. Please input a decent name as your name in the join form, as well as a valid country. (If you can see it in most lists online such as when ordering something, it's valid. So yes Taiwan, Kosovo etc, no Donetsk People's Republic, Northern Cyprus etc.)
  3. If you include a website, it would be nice if you could link this fanlisting ( to your site either as a text link or using one of our link images in the "codes" section.
  4. If using one of the images, do not hotlink but save the image for yourself and upload it on your website.
  5. If you wish to change your details in the members list, email me.