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Magi, Judar, Hakuryuu © Shinobu Ohtaka, Shogakukan

Ren Hakuryuu 練 白龍

Age: 21 (Final Arc)
Height: 172 cm (Final Arc)
Powers: Metal Vessels of Zagan and Belial (Life Magic)
Hobby: Cooking
Seiyuu: Kenshō Ono

Hakuryuu is the Fourth Prince of the Kou Empire. He is the son of the First Emperor, before his mother killed her husband and two sons and Hakuryuu's uncle became the new emperor. In order to avenge the deaths of his father and brothers, Hakuryuu vows to destroy the empire and behead his mother. He travels abroad to get himself the power of a djinn and support from foreign country leaders. He vows he will never cooperate with the Al-Thamen member Judar, but when he realizes he can't defeat his mother on his own, he starts to reconsider...

Judar ジュダル

Age: 23 (Final Arc)
Height: 173 cm
Powers: Magic
Hobby: Strolling in the air
Seiyuu: Ryōhei Kimura

Judar is an ice magician and one of the Magis, legendary magicians able to summon dungeons with djinns. Judar was a member of Al-Thamen, an organization causing wars and depravity around the world. However, when he found out he had been kidnapped as a baby by the organization and used for their purposes, he grows to hate the organization's leader, wishing to enact revenge. Good thing the leader's own son, Hakuryuu, also wanted her dead. All Judar needs to do is to convince him to team up.

Juhaku ざぶら

The team up of the two was fuel for the Hakuryuu & Judar, aka Juhaku, fandom. The two become good friends who trust each other and are loyal. No surprise the ship of the two has become one of the most active ship fandoms in both English and Japanese Magi fandoms. The amount of fanwork is also plentiful.

This is a fanlisting to list all the fans of Hakuryuu & Judar who wish to join. The name, Into the Black, comes from Hakuryuu and Judar's character song duet called "The Black".